Crown Amplifiers

Crown Amplifiers are designed with mobile DJs, musicians and small tour companies in mind; Crown’s Xs Series offers compact, lightweight, 2U designs along with very agreeable prices.  

Crown Amplifiers are designed with mobile
DJs, musicians and small tour companies in mind; Crown’s Xs Series offers
compact, lightweight, 2U designs along with very agreeable prices.  Rear-panel connections include Neutral combo
inputs, allowing balanced XLR or 1/4” connections, barrier strip inputs, XLR
male outputs for daisy-chaining, plus touch-proof binding post, Speak-on and
Phoenix outputs. They are each housed in a rugged, all-steel 2-unit chassis
with efficient forced-air cooling. Xs Series amplifiers provide extensive
protection and diagnostic capabilities, including output current limiting, by
Crown microprocessor-controlled DC protection, circuit breaker, special thermal
protection for the unit’s transformers.

Crown Amplifiers provide exceptional
performance, flexibility and value for installed sound applications. CTs Series
amplifiers feature independent selection of high and low impedance operation
for a specific channel, plus power levels and features that were carefully
chosen to match the requirements of fixed install design. Easy integration with
HiQnet and Cobra Net allows CTs amplifiers to deliver a comprehensive lineup of
monitoring and control features along with digital audio transport for an
award-winning digital audio solution.

Crown Amplifiers are created for use with portable
PA systems and cinema, the three models that make up the CE Series all provide chest-thumping
Crown performance in a very affordable package. The CE 1000 and more powerful
CE 2000 provide reliable performance, detected front-panel level controls, proportional
fan-assisted cooling, short circuit protection, and a new module that allows
you to customize the amplifier with professional features such as fixed point
crossover cards.

The Crown Amplifiers add on-board selectable
high-pass and low-pass CE1000 filters global power compatibility, balanced
current amplifiers output circuitry and switching power supply for more power
Stereo 560W Power Amp and less heat and weight than traditional linear amplifiers.
Even with the growing popularity of powered monitors, many of you still need amplification
for your existing passive speakers. The RA Series amps provide more power and
better performance at a lower overall cost per watt than even Alesis’ original
RA100. They are insanely quiet, which makes them great for studio monitors.

Each Crown Amplifiers incorporates advanced
convection cooling for heat dissipation. The result is long, stable operation
unaffected by heat-related complications, without the added distraction and
annoyance of fan cooling eliminating the danger of losing hard-to-hear details
due to noisy amp performance.

The Crown Amplifiers maintain cool operating
temperatures to an innovative forced-air cooling system with temperature
sensing variable-speed fans. Trouble-free operation is provided by multi-stage
protection for power-up, overheating, over-current, short circuit, low output
impedance, and DC voltage, assuring total reliability under the most demanding
conditions. If you’ve spent any time at all in professional audio, you know the
name Crown and what it stands for — incredible performance and the best support
in the business. Offering uncompromised quality and quiet operation for
portable PA or installations, the K1 delivers more power and sound while
generating just one-tenth the heat of conventional amplifiers. And it’s all in
a rugged chassis that’s just two rack spaces high. K Series amplifiers give you
massive amounts of power. In fact, the powerful K2 amplifier can deliver an
amazing 1250 watts per channel into 2 ohms. K Series amplifiers require no
internal cooling fan which means no fan noise. The closed chassis makes these amplifiers
virtually immune to dust, cigarette smoke, stage fog and spilled by Crown